Eco mobility to arrive to the JAM Hostel and explore Barcelona.
We love bikes and we enjoy welcome travellers on the wheels!

free tools + safe bike parking + social vibe

Casa Jam Barcelona wants to contribute to the promotion of healthy mobility and sustainable transportation, providing facilities for those visitors that travel and arrive to the hostel by bicycle.

Casa Jam offers the ability to park the bikes for free, easily and safely. It also offers a set of tools for basic maintenance. The hostel is located in a bike-friendly neighborhood with many cycling stores.

Simultaneously, Casa Jam encourages its visitors to discover Barcelona by bike, providing information about bike lanes, bike-friendly bars and small format bike tours.

Casa Jam Barcelona Bike Lovers


Always lock bicycles, including the seat and the wheels.

Be conscious and park bikes in the proper spaces to avoid hassles and fines.

Helmets are not compulsory in the city, but we strongly recommend their use.

Pay attention to pedestrians and other vehicles when riding.


Barcelona Bike Map

Friendly Bike Bars in Barcelona

Bounce Around Barcelona, custom bike city tours.